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>> 2018 Malaysia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Articles

1 Believe In FA and Master, Passing Tge Tests Well ~ Alan Sia ~
2 Awakening -- Julie T Lowe
3 Awaking to my Cultivation Path -- Chew BK
4 My Cultivation Story -- FAN JIN SHEN
5 Experience Sharing 2018 -- Kwan
6 Young Practitioner Sharing the Beauty of Falun Dafa Cultivation -- Lim Fang Xian
7 Master protect me in calamity, beliefs master and Fa miracle appear -- Xiang Chengling
8 Full of grace, compassion and be safe by master, tourist attraction safe people get into high realms again -- Xiang Daping
9 The Importance of Studying the Fa Well -- Siew Foung Choo
10 My Experience on Dafa Cultivation -- Edward Chooi

>> 2017 Malaysia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Articles

1 My Cultivation Experience in Fa-rectification
2 What is true cultivation
3 Forsake The Human Attachments And Make Progress In Cultivation
4 Family Benefits from Practising Falun Dafa
5 Removing stubborn career attachment by participating in media projects
6 Truth-telling and petition signing group in Sarawak
7 Clarifying the Truth and Saving People
8 Eliminating Human Notions and Forming One Body
9 Strive Forward Vigorously, Appreciate Master's Support
10 Singing Songs of Compassion to Assist Master in Fa Rectification
11 The Extraordinaries of Dafa is Evident Everywhere
12 Safeguarding and Upholding Dafa Cultivation
13 Experience as a Dafa practitioner
14 Cultivating diligently after obtaining the Fa, Taking every opportunity to save sentient beings
15 Master helped me walk through struggling paths of cultivation
16 Grown up through cultivation practice and do three things
17 Eliminating Human Mindset In Assimilation of Dafa

>> 2004 Malaysia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Articles

1 A Blessing to Learn Falun Gong – Gaining Good Health that Money Cannot Buy
2 Falun Dafa Break Up Thirty Years plus of Hate
3 Some Sharing of My Cultivation Practice
4 Falun Gong Make My Retire Life Healthier
5 Miracle Experience after Practicing Falun Gong for Only Two Months Plus
6 Let Go Of Human Attachment In Cultivation
7 Resume Practicing After Doubt Cleared
8 Part And Parcel of the Process of My Cultivation Practice
9 Clarifying the Truth to Police
10 Believe in Dafa, Believe in Master: Sharing from a New Practitioner
11 Eliminating the Attachment of Fear While Clarifying the Truth
12 Talk About Appreciation and MingHui.org on Net
13 A Letter to Nanyang Siang Pau Writer
14 My Cultivation and Responsibilities as Fa-rectification Dafa Disciple
15 Getting Rid Of Bad Habits
16 My Experience Sharing on Clarifying the Truth
17 The Story of Ah Fen
18 Go Out To Clarify The Truth

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