"The Great way is simple and easy. At the macro level Falun Dafa has a few movements, but what it practises is of so many and very comprehensive things, and controls many aspects of body and many things it has cultivated out. The five sets of practice exercises are taught to practitioners in the complete way from the start. At the very beginning it opens up places where energy is blocked in practitioner's body. It absorbs a great amount of energy from the cosmos, expels waste substance out of body in extremely short time, purifies body, upgrades level, strengthens supernormal abilities, makes body reach a pure-white state. These five sets of exercises are much superior to the general methods of promoting energy circulation or the great and small heavenly circulations. It provides the practitioners with the most convenient, the fastest, the best and also the rarest cultivation school."

- quote from "Great Perfection Way of Falun Buddha Law"

The five exercises of Falun Dafa are gentle, slow, and easy to learn. You can read through this page to get a general overview of each exercise.

Of course, an easier way to learn is to get a free lesson at your local practice site. No appointments are necessary -- just show up and learn! We invite you to give this wonderful practice a try and discover it for yourself.

The exercises of Falun Dafa are:

Exercise 1: Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands


At the core of Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands is stretching of the body. This stretching unblocks areas where energy is congested, stimulates the energy within the body and under the skin so that it circulates vigorously, and automatically absorbs a great amount of energy from the universe. This enables all of the meridians in a practitioner's body to open at the beginning. When one performs this exercise, the body will have a special feeling of warmth and of the existence of a strong energy field. This is caused by the stretching and opening of all meridians throughout the body. Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands is composed of eight movements. The movements are quite simple, yet they control many things that are evolved by the cultivation method as a whole. At the same time, they enable practitioners to quickly enter the state of being surrounded by an energy field. Practitioners should perform these movements as a foundational exercise. It is usually done first, and it is one of the strengthening methods for one's cultivation practice. - Excerpted from Falun Gong, by Mr. Li Hongzhi

Exercise 2: The Falun Standing Stance


Falun Standing Stance is a tranquil standing meditation composed of four wheel-holding positions. Frequent performance of Falun Standing Stance will facilitate the complete opening of the entire body. It is a comprehensive means of cultivation practice that increases wisdom, enhances gong potency, raises one's level, and strengthens divine powers. The movements are simple, but much can be achieved through the exercise. Beginners' arms may feel heavy and painful. After doing the exercises, the whole body will immediately feel relaxed, without feeling the kind of tiredness that comes from working. When practitioners increase the time and frequency of the exercises, they can feel Falun rotating between the arms. The movements of Falun Standing Stance should be done naturally. Do not sway, though it is normal to move slightly; however, obvious swaying should be controlled. The longer the exercise time, the better, but it differs from person to person. Upon entering into ding, do not lose awareness that you are exercising, but instead maintain it. - Excerpted from Falun Gong, by Mr. Li Hongzhi

Exercise 3: Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes


Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes channels the cosmos' energy and mixes it with the energy inside one's body. A great amount of energy is expelled and taken in during this exercise, enabling a practitioner to purify his or her body in a very short time. Simultaneously, the exercise opens the meridians on top of the head and unblocks the passages underneath the feet. The hands, the energy inside the body, and the mechanisms outside the body all move simultaneously. When the upward-moving energy is expelled out of the top of the head, the energy travels directly to the upper cosmic extreme; when the downward energy is ejected out from the bottom of the feet, the energy travels directly to the lower cosmic extreme. After the energy returns from both extremes to the body's inside, it is then emitted in the opposite direction. The hand movements are done nine times. - Excerpted from Falun Gong, by Mr. Li Hongzhi

Exercise 4: The Great Heavenly Circuit


Falun Heavenly Circuit enables the energy of the human body to circulate over large areas -- that is, not just in one or several meridians, but from the entire yin side to the yang side of the body, back and forth continuously. This exercise is far beyond the usual methods of opening the meridians or the Great and Small Heavenly Circuits. Falun Heavenly Circuit is an intermediate-level cultivation method. With the previous three exercises as a base, the meridians of the entire body (including the Great Heavenly Circuit) can be quickly opened through performing this exercise. From top to bottom, the meridians will be gradually connected throughout the entire body. The most outstanding feature of this exercise is its use of the Falun's rotation to rectify all abnormal conditions in the human body. This enables the human body -- a small universe -- to return to its original state and enables all meridians inside the body to be unblocked. When this state is reached, one has achieved a very high level within In-Triple-World-Law cultivation. When doing this exercise, both hands follow the energy mechanisms. The movements are gradual, slow, and smooth. - Excerpted from Falun Gong, by Mr. Li Hongzhi

Exercise 5: Strengthening Divine Powers


Strengthening Divine Powers is a tranquil cultivation exercise. It is a multi-purpose exercise that strengthens divine powers (including supernormal abilities) and gong potency by turning the Falun using Buddha hand signs. This exercise is above the intermediate level and was originally a secret exercise. Performing this exercise requires sitting with both legs crossed. Single-leg crossing is acceptable at the initial stage, when double-leg crossing cannot be done. One is eventually required to sit with both legs crossed. During the exercise, the flow of energy is strong and the energy field around the body is quite large. The longer the legs are crossed, the better. It depends on one's endurance. The longer one sits, the more intense the exercise and the faster one's gong grows. Do not think about anything when performing this exercise -- no mental activities are involved. From tranquility enter into ding. But your Main Consciousness must be aware that you are the one who is doing the exercise. - Excerpted from Falun Gong, by Mr. Li Hongzhi