Experience Sharing Articles


>> 2004 Malaysia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Articles

1 A Blessing to Learn Falun Gong – Gaining Good Health that Money Cannot Buy
2 Falun Dafa Break Up Thirty Years plus of Hate
3 Some Sharing of My Cultivation Practice
4 Falun Gong Make My Retire Life Healthier
5 Miracle Experience after Practicing Falun Gong for Only Two Months Plus
6 Let Go Of Human Attachment In Cultivation
7 Resume Practicing After Doubt Cleared
8 Part And Parcel of the Process of My Cultivation Practice
9 Clarifying the Truth to Police
10 Believe in Dafa, Believe in Master: Sharing from a New Practitioner
11 Eliminating the Attachment of Fear While Clarifying the Truth
12 Talk About Appreciation and MingHui.org on Net
13 A Letter to Nanyang Siang Pau Writer
14 My Cultivation and Responsibilities as Fa-rectification Dafa Disciple
15 Getting Rid Of Bad Habits
16 My Experience Sharing on Clarifying the Truth
17 The Story of Ah Fen
18 Go Out To Clarify The Truth


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